15 reasons why you should Date a Golfer

In case you are a player yourself, you already know most of the qualities—physical, emotional, emotional—that induce wonder on the course. If you don’t golf, you’ve probably formed impressions from TV and motion pictures: it’s a boring online game, duffers drive around in carts, enraged folks put clubs to the pond, the men use plaid jeans and amusing hats.

Save the stereotypes for week-end hackers. The simple truth is, golfers who take the online game really have actually various qualities that could translate well into internet dating connections. Consider these:

1. Golfers know handicaps are part of existence and folks really should not be judged as a result of all of them.

2. They know that consistency causes greatness. Which is certainly true with romantic interactions.

3. Golfers learn how to cope with frustration … and plenty of it.

4. Their unique frame of mind should compete against by themselves to boost. You prefer a person that is going to support you in all things, and never compete with you.

5. Golf calls for considerable focus and concentration. These traits trigger success in other regions of life.

6. Golfers shoot for psychological balance—a combination of electricity and equanimity. Who wouldnot want that top quality in a dating companion?

7. They know how to make discussion. Only a small part of a 3 to 4 hour game is invested whacking golf ball, so there’s lots of time for small-talk.

8. Golf emphasizes mental toughness. As legend Bobby Jones said, „Golf is actually a casino game that will be starred on a five-inch course—the distance betwixt your ears.“

9. Golfers know tiny circumstances (two-foot putts) matter around big circumstances (extended drives off of the tee). Competent fans know the same thing.

10. They are aware you will have great times and terrible times.

11. Golfers understand they must forget about errors and proceed if they are attending succeed. Which is good concept for interactions nicely.

12. Golf reinforces punctuality. Players take tee time honestly. In fact, tournament rivals are disqualified if they’re later.

13. You will end up launched to a colourful brand-new dialect. You’ll find out terms like „waggle“ and „wormburner,“ and you’ll realize that „overclubbing“ doesn’t mean spending a lot of time at dance locations.

14. Committed players are located in it the longterm, since instantaneous achievements is actually uncommon. You actually wish someone that way.

15. If you take up golf too, you will be spending hours with each other in pristine park-like settings. Maybe not a poor method to nurture romance.


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